At US Neuropathy Centers (USNC)  we are dedicated to bringing patients with peripheral neuropathy, nerve pain, or nerve injury, the most advanced treatments available, based on the most accurate diagnosis available.  Our physicians and providers have the dedication and expertise to bring relief to most patients suffering with many nerve conditions.

Neuropathy is a complex disorder with many facets.  It is our philosophy that there are very few places that look at the patient with nerve pain from a global perspective meaning from “head to toe”, and treat it with a multi-disciplinary approach.  Our individualized patient care is based on well-established guidelines and peer-reviewed science, which has led to the constantly evolving treatment protocols for our patient treatment.  Very simply this leads to better outcomes, and happy patients.

The team at USNC continues to research and develop treatments for neuropathy in a never-ending pursuit to bring the best care and treatments to those suffering from neuropathy.


All US Neuropathy Centers providers are independent and work as a consortium to bring the best care possible from a multidisciplinary perspective.